Folkish Heathen/Pagan Groups/Organizations

Do you belong to an official Pagan collective? Are they racial? “Folkish” but might as well be universalist due to a lack of racial consciousness and intentions for the Folk?

I attended a gathering called “Folkish Summer Hallowing” in the Pochonos in Pennsylvania hosted by a folkish heathen group called Irminfolk who are based in New York. Robert N. Taylor and his cousin Nicholas played as their band Changes and Jason Thompkins of the band Harvest Rain performed an acoustic set with his guitar. I met some racialists there who were also jew-wise, but because the group is not officially racialist per se, the topic and important of race did not get discussed openly for all members to hear and understand. I see this as being of significance.

However, these people still advocate healthy European values and culture, are interested in many historical things I am interested in, and there are often many other shared interests with members of these “neutral” (as in not explicitly racialist and anti-jew) kinds of so-called folkish Pagan groups. It should be pointed out that Irminfolk, as a foklish institution, does have an ethnic requirement for membership.

Irminfolk has its own precious metal-backed paper currency as well as precious metal trade medallions. So far, they have have already issued bronze and silver coins and are scheduled to issue gold as well as other weights for the kinds of metals already issued.


Irminfolk’s online store:

This post uses Mike’s jewelry as an a example of metalwork / jewelry, Mike being one of the leading members of Irminfolk: Metalwork / Jewelry


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