On the Matter of Jewry in General

“He who knows the truth and does not speak it is a miserable coward.” –Julius Streicher


Our history as a race involves peoples other than ourselves. The jews are one such group whose history has unfortunately been significantly interwoven with that of our own. I believe that it is important for our race to recognize the otherness of the jew and to come to the realization that our own interests conflict with theirs as we are distinct from one another. Not every individual jew is evil or conspiring against us, but as Dr. William Luther Pierce [Seeing the Forest] once essentially stated, these are my words now: “You can’t have the trees without the forest.” This means that you don’t have the bad jews living among you if you do not have jewry among you. From the so-called far-right / ultra-orthodox / ultra-conservative / ultra-nationalist / racialist jews, all the way to the so-called far-left / atheistic / secular / progressive / anti-racist / universalist ones, there is a negative influence on our people to be found emanating from the entire spectrum of jewry. None of this means that we should not look upon our own people as the main obstacle to our goals and cause for our overall decline, but considering the jewish religious narrative of a chosen people destined to rule the world and their over-representation in this or that destructive movement / ideology / institution / governing body, it is not a bad idea to be aware of their history, influence, and control in our race’s affairs and use this understanding to contemplate how we can provide not only rebukes to their activities and our own traitors who go along with them in their aims, but also positive replacement paths for our people.

[Here is an article for those who are just getting started: A White Guide to the Jewish Narrative.]


“If it’s okay to speak against muslims, all the more so to speak against elite jews. Judaism is the filthiest, ugliest, dirty, rotten, rat-infested bastard religion ever to curse the face of planet earth, folks. It’s not only okay to criticize it, you damn well better start!” –Charles Giuliani