Paganism According to Varg Vikernes

Excerpts taken from A Bard’s Tale: Part VIII – Religion or Reason:

“When we embrace Paganism today we need to be careful not to embrace age-old ignorance and misconceptions. The magicians of the Stone Age were [the] first scientists of our world; they were astronomers, herbalists, meteorologists, geologists, brain-surgeons (trepanning), dentists, mathematicians and you name it, and what they essentially did was to try to figure out how everything works. However, because of the fact that they had to start from scratch, most of what they saw was an illusion, and most of their theories were wrong. In the process they discovered some healthy, timeless and universal truths though, and these truths we should all wholeheartedly embrace. They really saw and understood what is good for mankind, what is essential and what is right, like eugenics, and all of this, my dear reader, is what makes up modern Paganism. It is only reactionary to be a Pagan in the same manner as our distant forefathers. We need a modern scientific worldview resting on a foundation made up of the Pagan values and ideals; loyalty, wisdom, courage, love, discipline, honesty, intelligence, beauty, responsibility, health and strength. It might be romantic, beautiful, charming and even fascinating to practise Paganism like our forefathers did, but it is utterly reactionary and meaningless.”

“What makes Paganism different from Judeo-Christianity is the fact that Paganism is not dogmatic. Judeo-Christianity will disappear, or at the very best be reduced to some cult for idiots (and it already has, to some extent), because their dogmas are based on ignorance and misconceptions. Only the stupid will continue to believe in “God” (any god!) […] when we know that these ideas are based on the ignorance and misconceptions of the Stone Age man.”

“If it is supposed to serve a purpose Paganism needs to be an ideology, not a religion, and the gods and goddesses must be seen as a role models to us and not as actual beings of any kind. Quite a few questions remain unanswered by science, alright, like we don’t really know from whence we come, nor whither we go when we die, or even if we go anywhere at all, so in these cases we can always turn to the myths for answers. In all instances where we know better than our forefathers did we should and must always replace myths and religion with facts and reason. The magicians did so too, whenever they could, and would have kept doing so had they not been murdered by the lackeys of the Jews, when Europe was Christianized (id est mentally enslaved!), from the IVth century and onwards.”