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Arthur R. Butz – The Hoax of the Twentieth Century – The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry

Carl Mattogno – Auschwitz – The Case for Sanity

Carlo Mattogno – Auschwitz – Crematorium I and the Alleged Homicidal Gassings

Carlo Mattogno – Auschwitz – Open Air Incinerations

Carlo Mattogno – Auschwitz – The First Gassing – Rumor & Reality

Carlo Mattogno – Bełżec – In Propaganda, Testamonies, Archaeological Research & History

Carlo Mattogno – Chełmno – A German Camp in History & Propaganda

Carlo Mattogno – Special Treatment in Auschwitz – Origin and Meaning of a Term

Carlo Mattogno – The Bunkers of Auschwitz – Black Propganda versus History

Carlo Mattogno – The Central Construction Office in Auschwitz – Organization, Responsibilities, Activities

Carlo Mattogno & Jürgen Graf – Treblinka – Transit Camp or Extermination Camp

Don Heddesheimer- The First Holocaust – Jewish Fundraising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During & After World War I

Fred A. Leuchter Jr, Rober Faurrison, Germar Rudolf – The Leuchter Reports – Critical Edition

Germar Rudolf – Dissecting the Holocaust – The Growing Critique of ‘Truth’ and ‘Memory’

Germar Rudolf – Lectures on the Holocaust – Controversial Issues Cross-Examined

Germar Rudolf – The Rudolf Report – Expert Report on Chemical & Technical Aspects of the ‘Gas Chambers’ of Auschwitz

Germar Rudolf & Carlo Mattogno – Auschwitz Lies – Legends, Lies & Prejudices on the Holocaust

Germar Rudolf, Robert Faurrison, Carlo Mattogno & Serge Thion – Auschwitz – Plain Facts – A Response to Jean-Claude Pressac

Ingrid Weckert – Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich

Jürgen Graf – The Giant with Feet of Clay – Raul Hilberg and his Standard Work on the ‘Holocaust’

Jürgen Graf & Carlo Mattogno – Concentration Camp Majdanek – A Historical and Technical Study

Jürgen Graf & Carlo Mattogno – Concentration Camp Stutthof and its Function in National Socialist Jewish Policy.pdf

Jürgen Graf, Thomas Kues, Carlo Mattogno – Sobibór – Holocaust Propaganda and Reality

Santiago Alvarez & Pierre Marais – The Gas Vans – A Critical Investigation

ZCF – The Six Million Myth


1001 Quotes by and about Jews

David Duke – Jewish Supremacism

Dietrich Eckart – Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin

Kevin MacDonald – Culture of Critique

Rev. I. B. Pranaitis – The Talmud Unmasked 1892

Revilo P. Oliver – Jewish Strategy

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


Manly P. Hall – The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Miguel Serrano – Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar – Part One

Miguel Serrano – Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar – Part Two

Miguel Serrano – NOS – The Book of the Resurrection

Neil Powell – Alchelmy, the Ancient Science

The Zohar

Three Initiates – The Kybalion – A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece

William Walker Atkinson – The Arcane Teaching


Andrew Peter Fors – The Ethical World-Conception of the Norse People

Annie Keary – The Heroes of Asgard

Benjamin Thorpe – Northern Mythology, Comprising the Principle Popular Traditions and Superstitions of Scandinavia, North Germany, and the Netherlands. Vol. 1

Benjamin Thorpe – Northern Mythology, Comprising the Principle Popular Traditions and Superstitions of Scandinavia, North Germany, and the Netherlands. Vol. 2

Benjamin Thorpe – Northern Mythology, Comprising the Principle Popular Traditions and Superstitions of Scandinavia, North Germany, and the Netherlands. Vol. 3

C.H. Herford – Norse Myth in English Poetry

H.A. Guerber – Myths of the Norsemen from the Eddas and Sagas

H.A. Guerber – The Legends of the Rhine

Hamilton Wright Mabie- Norse Stories Retold from the Eddas

Hans F.K. Günther – The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans

Jacob Grimm – Teutonic Mythology

Jost Turner – N.S. Kindred – Path of Wotan

Katharine F. Boult – Asgard and the Norse Heroes

M.W. Macdowall – Asgard and the Gods

Mortensen – Crowell – A Handbook of Norse Mythology

NSDAP – The Celebrations in the Life of the SS Family

R.B. Anderson – Norse Mythology; or, The Religion of our Forefathers, Containing all the Myths of the Eddas

Ron McVan – Creed of Iron: Wotansvolk Wisdom

Ron McVan – Temple of Wotan: Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes

Rudolph Keyser – The Religion of the Northmen

Sir James Frazer – The Golden Bough – A Study of Magic and Religion

Stephen McNallen – Metagenetics

Steven Mitchell – Odin, Magic, and a Swedish Trial from 1848

T.H. Robinson – Heroes of the Norselands

The Elder and Younger Eddas

Varg Vikernes – Irminsûl

W.A. Craigie – Religion of Ancient Scandinavia

Wulf Sörensen – The Voice of Our Ancestors


Adolf Hitler – Collection of Speeches 1922-1945

Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf – Murphy Translation

Alfred Rosenberg – Memoirs

Alfred Rosenberg – Oswald Spengler

Alfred Rosenberg – The Myth of the Twentieth Century

Anti-White to Reality Translation Guide and White Survivalist Dictionary

Ben Klassen – Natures Eternal Religion

Ben Klassen – RaHoWa! This Planet is All Ours

Ben Klassen – The White Man’s Bible

David Lane – 88 Precepts

Hans F.K. Günther  – The Racial Elements of European History

Hitler’s Table Talk 1941-1944

Houston Stewart Chamberlain – The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century

Jost Turner – N.S. Kindred – National Socialism

J. Philippe Rushton – Is Race a Valid Taxonomic Construct?

Madison Grant – The Passing of the Great Race, or, The Racial Basis of European History

Michael O’Meara – Heidegger ‘the Nazi’

National Socialism: Vanguard of the Future – Selected Writings of Colin Jordan

NSDAP – Adolf Hitler – The Life of the Leader

William Joyce – National Socialism Now


Alex Kurtagić – Black Metal Ethno-nationalism

Anna Bramwell – Blood and Soil: Richard Walther Darré and Hitler’s ‘Green Party’

Francis Parker Yockey – Collection of the Miscellaneous Works

Francis Parker Yockey – Imperium – The Philosophy of History & Politics

Francis Parker Yockey – The Enemy of Europe

Kai Murros – Revolution and How to do it in a Modern Society

Knut Hamsun – Growth of the Soil

K.R. Bolton – The Life and Thoughts of Francis Parker Yockey

Legal Rights

Marnia Robinson – The Great Porn Experiment

Psychology of Survival

Ragnar Redbeard – Might is Right; or, The Survival of the Fittest

Wickliffe B. Vennard Sr. – 50 Years of Treason

William Luther Pierce – The Turner Diaries