(((WNYC’s Matt Katz))) Runs Cover for Fellow Brethren of the Echo


Matt (((Katz))) asking me for an interview after I tweeted his name in echoes, otherwise known as parentheses.

…Jews have been scapegoated for thousands of years as minorities in whatever country they were in. Totalitarian leaders then took advantage of that scapegoating and used it as an excuse to expel or murder Jews. –WNYC and NJPR reporter, Matt (((Katz))), talking to @TonySandos in a recorded phone interview

This vague, tiringly familiar tale is what the entire establishment and jewish-dominated media would have you believe: jews are always the victims; the “chosen” truly are the original dindu nuffins. So, when given the opportunity to be interviewed “on air” by Matt (((Katz))) at the beginning of this month on June 3rd for (((WNYC))) – which, according to Wikipedia, boasts “more than one million listeners each week” and itself claims to be “America’s most listened-to public radio station” – naturally, I was eager to overcome any anxious, irrational hesitation and get my point of view across [This ended up entailing recording a roughly thirty minute podcast, of which one sole remark would air on public radio twenty-five days after being recorded.]. I asked permission and then invited my friend Fascist Lemming to partake in the phone call come time for the planned recorded discussion. The truth is, I was uncertain as to how hostile (((Katz))) would be, if there’d be hostile callers, if he would have back up, etc., and so I instinctually wanted my own.

Unfortunately, jews are not actually interested at all in making the truth as to what racialists and anti-semites believe public, rather they are quite simply and consciously interested in actively opposing such narratives. So, when I presumed that more than one statement of mine out of roughly half an hour of conversation would make it public, I was obviously wrong.

crew jewed up.png

Updated version of the picture in question

It was annoying enough when, in a (((WNYC))) interview with Hasan Minhaj of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show filling in as guest host, along with Jonathan (((Weisman))), (((New York Times’s))) deputy Washington editor, as fellow guest, (((Katz))) falsely asserted that I owned a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat. I had made it perfectly clear that I was not a fan of Donald Trump’s person, elucidated my beliefs quite explicitly, and gave clear examples demonstrating why, based on certain jew-wise and race-related principles, I was no admirer of his whatsoever. As I would tell (((Katz))) in Twitter Direct Message a full eight days prior to his story being posted online:

Lastly, to make clear one last time, I am not a Donald Trump supporter, and I take for granted it ought to be self-evident that the things I do not like about him disqualify my person from “endorsing” or liking him on a personal level. I am still able to appreciate affects and phenomena and specific actions and character traits – while still maintaining my personal and ideological view towards him as a whole.


I am a race-nationalist and am antipathetic towards jewry. For someone like me, Donald Trump is a greedy opportunist and deracinated cosmopolitan elitist. His life record shows clearly that he blatantly does not care about race in any principled, moral, or spiritual sense.

This did not prevent him in the audio version of his report [Which is more or less the same as the text version, only with some omissions, additions, and variations.], however, from directly following up the statement from me about the picture of his colleagues by saying anti-jewish views present a paradox given Trump’s jewish ties, despite the fact that I am not even a supporter of Donald Trump.

One other thing about (((Katz))) worth pointing out was his passive aggressive form of communication. Rather than being straightforward when asked a question, he would give vague, sparsely worded, and insincere answers, even going so far as to inform Fascist Lemming that, despite being in the radio industry, no guest of his had ever requested a copy of the full interview before and that he had never heard of such a request. $6,000,000 says the jew is lying.

our property 1.png

our property 2.png

our property 3.png

June 27th, 23 days after the first of two “I’ll ask my editor next week” claims. Answer: Sorry, goyim, “it’s (((our))) property”.

Not surprising; after all, why would a news outlet chock full of jews allow anti-semitic truth to be spread to the public? They would not, which is why allowing jews to have the undue, grossly inordinate influence that they do over our media is something White folk ought to seek freedom from. As I told Mr. (((Katz))) on Twitter after we recorded our phone call, I’d forgotten a few items of importance, chief among them the fact that at present 3/8 United States Supreme Court InJustices are jews, along with the caveat that it may soon be 4/9. The other bit of information I kindly made him aware of:



Dual citizen

Naturally, this had no impact, as demonstrated by the following tweet from today after his story posted:


One thing I did not forget to mention during the interview – among other things, I promoted Dr. Kevin MacDonald‘s Culture of Critique and the work of holohoax revisionist Eric Hunt – was the documented fact that (((rabbi Ovadia Yosef))), the man who had the largest funeral in israeli history, stated the following:


Source: Wikipedia, which references The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, & Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Longer version, along with four other controversial quotes.

At the bottom of this article are some rough show notes* I took down after the interview, some of which Fascist Lemming addresses in the following video:

These anti-semitic facts being made public are of no benefit to jewry and can only harm them and their victim narrative. Their hypocrisy is amusing, though, as (((WNYC))) itself recently added a new comedy podcast by a black female comedian who is “an ocean of white dude comedians” titled, “Sooo Many White Guys“. That kind of social and ethnic critique is just fine in the current socio-cultural, economic, and political paradigm, whereas critiquing real, demonstrable jewish privilege is likely to get one fired, abandoned by friends and family, or even possibly physically assaulted.

Regarding this article’s opening quotation from Mr. (((Katz))), we all know it is complete and utter bs. Anti-semitism is about “scapegoating”? Give it a rest, lying jews.

Explain to us, the goyim, why it is that anti-semitism follows the jewish people wherever they go, across time (millenia) and space, among difference races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, etc., e.g. in Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Henry Kissinger.png

Screenshot source; I referenced the latter quote in the interview.

Any people that has been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong. –Henry (((Kissinger)))

I would tend to agree.



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