The Völkisch Allure of Germanic Paganism

Youtube comment from “Væþryr” in response to attempts at anti-racist Asatru argumentation:

The chief allure behind Germanic paganism is its endorsement of Völkisch ways. All cultures have their history and lore, and I’m assuming you and many others have chosen Asatru for the specific cultures it is based off of, namely European ones. What produced these cultures? Tribal forces. Xenophobia and in-group preference is a natural consequence of natural selection; racism would not have been evolved if it weren’t successful. Groups with weaker tribal forces would be conquered, subjugated, and/or displaced (thus reducing their genetic output into the next generation) by other groups that would band together to claim resources. Groups that had strong tribal bonds would remain vigilant and form a strong defence.

A logical consequence of anti-racism is that you’d have absolutely no problem with your entire family marrying off with other races–other tribes. [The notion] that your descendants [looking] nothing like your ancestors would not actually bother your ancestors is quite a strange one. Ask yourself this: were your ancestors given the choice as to whether all of their descendants could only either (1) speak their language and share as much as their culture, or (2) share as much as their blood, what do you think they’d choose? Take an extreme case (like a boundary condition) to prove this matter of principle. Of course, this is actually a silly question, because changing the blood very drastically will in concomitance change the culture.

The main issue I have with this video is that the discussion is influenced by your participation in another religion, namely Cultural Marxism. The word “racist” is so powerful because you submit to Cultural Marxism’s maxim of original sin. Racist is therefore the Cultural Marxist equivalent of “heretic.” Please remove from you this recalcitrant edifice of Christianity that pride is sinful.